The Ambitious VET Network (AVN) delivers culturally literate corporate learning and development programs for veterans that strengthen their ability to thrive in and contribute to your company’s mission.

Developed by veterans for veterans, and backed by research, our programs are integral to a holistic hiring and retention strategy for veteran candidates.

Professional Development Training for Veterans

Your partner in veteran performance and retention in the workforce.

  • AVN offers culturally-literate, personal development training to veterans transitioning into corporate environments.  
  • AVN’s training programs foster a personal growth mindset crucial to workplace success and retention for post 9/11 veterans.
  • Program content is based on positive psychology and our own research conducted with University of Texas at Austin.

AVN integrates participant self-assessment survey data and reporting to track participant progress and program efficacy that produces real behavioral change.

Post 9/11 veterans on average are transitioning out of the military every year in the US.


Will leave their post military career within 12 months.

Average attrition cost per veteran for military friendly organizations.


Research Study

Ground-Breaking Qualitative Research Study that is answering the BILLION DOLLAR military transition problem.

Exclusive Social Network of Ambitious Veterans

About the AVN Platform for Vets

We vet all our members to ensure that our community consists only of value-driven veterans (V2), who are here to learn, grow, and support one another. We value a user-centric approach that prioritizes the veterans first so that our community can connect, learn, and grow together and make a difference in the lives of others around them.

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The 10-Day Being Bulletproof Challenge: Your 10 Orders To Mastering The Inner Game.

The Ambitious VET Sprint – Live, Gamified, and Experiential Learning Program.

Courses on resilience, building social support, navigating obstacles, and other engaging programs from 19+ top themes we identified through our data-driven approach to equip you to reach your post-military goals.

LIVE Master Classes with battle-tested industry leaders and subject matter experts.


Our eLearning platform features course content directed by veterans for veterans to target those unique challenges we all face once we take off the uniform and leave the service behind.

The Four-Step Process to Ensuring Your Success


Get Verified and Vetted: Once you input your credentials and tell us why you want to join, you will be screened to ensure platform integrity.


Take our proprietary self-assessment: This short process gives us a baseline on how to support and match your objectives to our custom content experience, and supplies you with recommended member connections.


Establish your presence, find your Fire Team, jump in the trenches, and fuel your next mission.


Execute your objectives based on self-assessment and continue to learn through a self-directed, gamified, and rewarding experience with other like-minded veterans who have your SIX!

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Featured Awards

The Ambitious VET Network and Founder Chris Hoffmann have been recognized by the following organizations and media groups for the contributions to veterans looking to grow and advance in life after basic needs are met!

Forbes 1000 Class of 2021
Podcast Magazine: Top-Ten Veteran Hosted Podcast
Stars and Stripes Magazine, Featured in Transition Guide
CBS Eye on Veterans
San Diego Business Journal 2018 / 2019 Veteran Entrepreneur

What Others Are Saying

“Chris’ work helping veterans lead themselves into the life they want after the uniform is awesome. I’ve seen him be a great coach to vets who especially aren’t fully prepared or have to make a drastic course change when they leave the uniform. Combined with his recent book, he’s a great leader in this space. He takes his personal experience, his years of professional development, & the platform he’s growing & help veterans make the shift to the other side of the uniform. I’m humbled to call him a friend & fellow guide.”

– Travis S. Collier, Strategist Helping Veterans & Business Teams

“Do you have a change of mission? If you’re taking off the uniform and transitioning into the civilian sector, I encourage you to check out The Ambitious VET Sprint, where Chris Hoffmann and others will coach you on how to execute your next mission in 90 days. No matter if you’re entering the workforce, going to college, or don’t know what you want to do in your next season in life, I recommend that you set the very best conditions for your successful future by joining this game-changing program. I hope to see you there!”

– Dan Dwyer, Founder of Vet2BizLife

“Many times as an ambitious person you can seem like a fog is surrounding you. You have more ideas than you do time and they overwhelm you to where you often don’t have a clear head to enjoy the moment. That was me! What I loved about the program was its ability to set a clear target where you want to be. Which idea has the best chances of moving the needle called your life. And most importantly it provides the systems to make the goal a reality. Many of us have a desire we want for our life but that doesn’t mean we are ready to get there. The sprint gives you the framework to get it the results you need to have the desires you have wanted.”

– Ben Killoy, Founder of Military Veteran Dad Podcast

AVN Announces "Building a Strong Personal Tribe" Course for Veterans