Registration deadline: May 24th, 2024. Limited availability.

The Ambitious VET Network (AVN) has announced a new virtual, cohort-based course called “Building a Strong Personal Tribe and Combatting Social Isolation Post-Military” designed for corporate veteran ERGs, VSOs, and other military-friendly workforce development organizations to invest in their veteran talent. 

This innovative program is a six-week course in which a ten-veteran cohort will learn tools and strategies to build a strong personal and professional network to set them up for greater success in the civilian workplace. The course will be delivered through self-paced modules, live “Fire Team” Zoom meetings, and peer-to-peer support. In addition to the recorded and live interactions, the cohort will be supported by an online community. 

“Transitioning from the structured environment of military service to civilian workforce and life can leave veterans feeling disconnected and alone,” said AVN Founder and USMC combat veteran, Chris Hoffmann. “The Ambitious VET Network recognizes this struggle and has developed a comprehensive, research-based program to address it head-on.”

AVN’s research has found that veterans lag in developing meaningful connections to support their personal and professional aspirations post-military. They lack the awareness of social fundamentals and emotional motivation to build those relationships with primary and secondary social groups that are crucial to thriving emotionally. The resulting social and professional isolation can ultimately result in weakened resiliency in the face of social and professional challenges. 

“I am passionate about this because I dealt with and continue to deal with this process of building strong relationships in my life,” said Hoffmann. “This will be the first of many iterations of this initiative as we adapt and refine the course based on participant feedback from this first cohort.” 

AVN’s goal is to run two cohorts each year in addition to its existing educational services for enterprise-level customers.

Features and benefits of the course include:

  • Access to AVN’s exclusive community-centered e-learning platform. 
  • Bi-Weekly LIVE Zoom Meetings with a subject matter expert (SME) in a fire team call or fireside chat format. 
  • Access to learning modules packed with resources, tools, and strategies for building a robust personal and professional network.
  • Personal assessment of risk level for isolation and loneliness.

Building a Strong Personal Tribe Post-Military and Combatting Social Isolation will be open for registration until May 24th, at $2,000 per person. For more information on the course, visit

About The Ambitious VET Network

AVN is an educational career training services provider offering researched-backed programs that equip enlisted transitioning veterans with the emotional intelligence tools to unlock their potential in the civilian workforce. AVN seeks to partner with VSOs, military-friendly corporations, and other workforce development agencies committed to providing value and unlocking veteran potential in the workplace.

AVN Announces "Building a Strong Personal Tribe" Course for Veterans