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Research Study

Every year, 230,000 veterans transition from military service. Of those, 65% will depart those first jobs within 24 months, leaving organizations with a loss of tax credits and reimbursements, unrealized talent potential, and a tarnished military-friendly reputation. The costs associated with replacing these lost workers is high.

The current transition tools – resume writing, interview preparation, and job fairs – do not provide the competencies and connection our post 9/11 veterans need, resulting in high unemployment and suicide rates for some of those vets.

To explore the disconnect between career-building tools and veterans’ needs more deeply, The Ambitious VET Network partnered with the University of Texas at San Antonio’s (UTSA) MBA program to understand why these veterans were leaving their jobs and what they missing in life outside their jobs and careers. Together, we conducted a qualitative research study to understand the barriers and challenges faced by post 9/11 veterans who have been separated from the military for at least two years. A total of 300 veterans participated in the study.

In this study, we provide perspectives from the DOD, the private sector, and local veteran advocates on why the market is failing this new veteran generation that comprise 21% of the total 20 million veteran population today. We uncover the top six critical pain points of post 9/11 veterans, including real-life scenario factors that play a crucial role in helping them unlock their full value in the marketplace.


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