Unlocking Veteran Potential in the Workplace

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The Ambitious VET Network (AVN) provides companies with training programs needed to develop, engage, and retain veterans in the workplace so that companies can harness veterans’ unique talents to advance corporate strategies.

Developed by veterans for veterans, and backed by research, our programs are integral to a holistic hiring and retention strategy for veteran candidates.

Professional Development Training for Veterans

Your partner in veteran performance and retention in the workforce.

  • AVN offers culturally-literate, personal development training to veterans transitioning into corporate environments.
  • AVN’s training programs foster a personal growth mindset crucial to workplace success and retention for post 9/11 veterans.
  • Program content is based on positive psychology and our own research conducted with University of Texas at Austin.

AVN integrates participant self-assessment survey data and reporting to track participant progress and program efficacy that produces real behavioral change.

Post 9/11 veterans on average are transitioning out of the military every year in the US.


Will leave their post military career within 12 months.

Average attrition cost per veteran for military friendly organizations.


Designed to engage, empower, and support in retaining top veteran talent. 


Increased emotional intelligence leading to higher levels of adaptability.


Increased engagement and productivity leading to better morale and job satisfaction.


Stronger networking skills smooths the path to advancement and promotion.


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