We are absolutely honored to partner with such a forward-thinking technology military talent acquisition company like Veterans Ascend. Now, because of what Robyn and her team are doing- high-performing veterans don’t need to go through the resume writing and job fair grueling process for fortune 5000 companies to truly understand their market value. -Chris Hoffmann- CEO | Founder of AVN

Veterans ASCEND is an online employment matchmaking service. They translate military and civilian occupations into a skills profile then directly match a veteran or military spouse to an employer, aligning skills, location and salary. Their service is free for all military members and families. They do not use a resume and do not require the candidate to apply first to get an interview.


How They Are Different

  • They know employers want to hire military talent.
  • They know veterans and military spouses deserve a career that utilizes and values their experience.
  • They know there is more to a veteran and military spouse than the title of their previous jobs. They take the mystery out and bring the value of their skills front and center.
  • They know hiring is one of the biggest decisions for a business and know employment is the number one factor for a viable transition from the military.
  • Have built a skills-matching technology that translates occupations, directly connects employers and military talent by aligning skills within an organization.

  • Personal Note from Veterans Ascend CEO, Robyn J. Grable:

    “Our program is about facilitating a connection for an interview. It’s a complete shift in the foundational old way of reviewing a resume that has caused a barrier of 95% elimination for veterans and military spouses. We are all about aligning the candidate based on skills. Skills an employer needs for the job and skills the candidate has from their military experience. We are saying our “candidates” are worth their time to at least have a phone interview to let them tell their story. Rather than someone looking at a badly written resume (there is no good way) and setting it aside because their skills don’t stand out or it’s not easily determined as to how they fit in the organization.”

If you are:

An organization looking to increase diversity and inclusion, decrease hiring costs and value the military talent pool.

Are interested in leveraging Veterans Ascend’s subscription service versus the costly pay-per-job approach to finding quality talent.

Click here to learn more:

When it prompts you on “Who Referred You?” please enter in AVNetwork when subscribing so the Veterans Ascend team knows who sent you. Also, feel free to let us know if you are interested as a veteran and/or employer, and would be more than happy to make a direct introduction!

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