When is the last time you just paused and looked at the view from where you are at in life?

Sometimes we are so hung up on running forward and chasing success. We don’t slow down and notice where we are on the road.

When is the last time you considered the success you have had in your life?

As we end the year, think back to how far you have come and what the view looked like when you started the year.

This question hit me a few weeks back when I was doing my morning gym routine. Back in March of 2018, I started a 5 AM gym routine.

I was thinking, what would the view be if I hadn’t started the routine.  Where would I be right now?  Probably somewhere familiar, comfortable, and mediocre all that the same time.

Then I asked myself, how is the view from here?  It’s exhausting work, uncomfortable a lot, and a lot of days it can have the feeling of not making progress.

But are these accurate answers?  No

In reality, I am growing. I am making daily investments in a tomorrow that has yet to come.  I did a 90 degree turn when I started my routine; I charted a new road not yet paved in my life.  It’s going to have bumps, be rocky, and probably not as clear which way to go.  But that is life and sometimes between the road I am on now and the road I want to be on, I need to chart new paths.

As veterans, we don’t naturally measure success in distance traveled on a road, it’s either success or failure.  We only see the mission, and did we accomplish it.

No matter what stage of transitioning we are at, we need to reflect how far we have come and is this the road I need to be on and see what the view will look like down the road.

A memory where this was never truer was in boot camp during the crucible where we climb Mount Mother F*****.  I was never good at humping, and every step was battle of mind over matter and resilience. I remember giving up on myself before I even started.  But, about 20 minutes later there I was standing at the top looking over Camp Pendleton.  I will remember that view and always be proud of the work I put in to get to the top.  It’s a big moment for Marines as it signals the end of the 48-hour training event that pushes you to the edge.

Do you have a similar memory when you served?

Just as it’s important to look at the view from where you are, it’s just as important to decide what you want the view to be at the end of 2019.  Do you need to chart some new roads, get a local guide or coach to make sure you get where you want to go?

Next time you feel like you’re in a rut, pause, smell the roses, and enjoy the view.  Maybe that’s slowing down and engaging with your 2-year-old or playing football in the backyard.  The view from wherever we are will never be the same as it is right now.

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By: Ben Killoy, Military Veteran Dad Podcast, Marine Corps Veteran

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