So, you have attended the TAPS classes and took advantage of the other military transition-free resources that provide mentorship in interviewing, writing a resume, and networking your way into your first job.


You did your transition, RIGHT!


We are constantly inundated with “the right way to write a resume, right way to network, right way to translate your military skills, make sure you find the right veteran job for you”, the list goes on.

I don’t know about you, but for us “getting so much in the weeds of doing things “right” based on other’s beliefs, values, and expectations can really pull you away from what matters most to you, but ultimately get you stuck in this “in-the-box way of thinking” that can be dangerous in the long term of you creating a life of impact after you take off the uniform.

How do you break out of the “right” way of doing things and begin executing from a place of your internal compass?

Remember the time when you were in basic training or boot camp and you did the land navigation exercise?

It’s kinda like that… there was no one way to get to the desired end goal. You had to trust the process and trust yourself.

The problem is: we as Veterans get so institutionalized that we lose track of our internal compass and we operate our daily lives based on others’ guidelines, operating systems, and standards.

No wonder we all get out and get herded like sheep into job fairs where we get underemployed opportunities thrown at us. We simply know no different.

Look, we get it! We have been in the trenches since 2016, seeking to understand why Veterans get so caught up in this concern of filling their first need which is “stability” just to lose themselves in that process of survival, while they go from job to job seeking the role that truly satisfies their deepest ambitions in life.

Sound familiar?

Our Founder/CEO Chris Hoffmann, interviewed Scott Tucker recently on The Ambitious VET Show which is now reaching 18 countries.

Scott made a great point towards the middle part of the interview where he talked about how sometimes you gotta step away from the 80% of people doing the same things, that are producing the same boring, unfulfilling results in life to create liberty, wealth, and influence you desire most.

We, as Ambitious VETS, desire more in life not because “there is never enough,” but because we understand that we hit a gap a few years out from our military transition due to the discontinued investment into our own human capital.

Self-awareness isn’t writing resumes, interview tactics, or networking, it’s creating a proactive approach to getting ahead of things to come, (i.e. not being able to fit into a company’s culture because you don’t know how to analyze your own principles, values, and beliefs systems before decision making.)

It’s just gaining a deeper self-awareness around what fires you up inside and identifying those gaps in your experience, skills, training, education, abilities, etc that align with your desired end goal.

Napoleon Hill in his book: Think and Grow Rich really sums our whole philosophy up in this quote:

“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to possess it.”
Napoleon Hill

It’s a simple three-step process:

Knowing why you do everything you do every day of your life.
Understanding of what you are primarily aiming at?
Building your resilience, consistency, and mindset to possess what you desire most in life.

In summary, there is no one way to succeed after the military, no right or wrong way, just your way! We hope this empowers you to gain a little more perspective on how to get ahead of the real problems, obstacles, and setbacks that naturally come with being an Ambitious VET.

If you are an Ambitious VET desiring more challenge, growth, and life satisfaction, and you don’t quite know what’s in your way to living with full power and freedom to execute on what matters most to you in life, let’s dive into the trenches together. Here are a few ways we can get started:




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